6 Questions for law blogger Stephen Hebert

Stephen Hebert is a New Orleans criminal defense attorney, who practices as a solo lawyer. He’s worked for a respected mid-sized firm doing civil law, and also as a state prosecutor.

His online presence is well-thought out, and multi-channeled: website, blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Google+. Best of all, his method has helped him get new business from clients he enjoys working with. I asked him to help other lawyers understand how his approach works.

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Social media for lawyers: does it make sense?

Social media for lawyers? What is “social media” exactly anyway?

Sure, you know about LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Maybe you’ve heard of Instagram. You might have heard someone mention Pinterest once.

So what? Why should you — a busy, stressed-out lawyer — care about social media?

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SEO experts often make Google mad, not happy

The acronym SEO refers to “search engine optimization,” which (to me) translates into “making Google love you.”

When Google loves your site, then it’s magically easier for web surfers to find. But if Google decides you’re acting cheesy, then what? Lights out, buddy.

Your site has been relocated to an Internet ghost town.

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The problem with your law firm SEO expert

I’ve got some bad news about the law firm SEO expert that’s supposed to make your website show up high in search results for “Orlando personal injury attorney.”

Okay, maybe you live in another city, not Orlando. And maybe you’re trying to rank for a different practice area, like say “divorce lawyer.”

But the problem with your law firm SEO expert is the same.

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6 Questions for a Blogger: Legal Ethics Expert Dane Ciolino

This edition of ‘5 Questions’ features 6 questions. That’s because we have an extra special guest, my good friend: Dane Ciolino, a New Orleans lawyer and law professor. Before moving into academia, Dane spent time as a law clerk to a federal trial judge and worked in two law firms: Cravath, Swaine & Moore (in New York) and Stone Pigman Walther Wittmann (in New Orleans). His complete bio is online here.

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5 Questions for law blogger Keith Lee of AssociatesMind.com

Keith Lee is an attorney in Birmingham, Alabama, where he practices estate planning, IP, and business law (including litigation). He’s perhaps best known for starting the law blog Associate’s Mind.  One of the most popular legal blogs in the country, Associate’s Mind has been linked to by the Wall Street Journal, among other well known media outlets. Associate’s Mind was selected as one of the “Blawg 100″ by the ABA Journal for 2011.

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Where should you host your law firm website or blog?

slow page load

Do you want your law firm site to take 39 seconds to load? I’m guessing not.

Maybe you don’t mind. If it’s only going to happen once in awhile, and the cost of hosting is super-cheap. Aren’t you forgetting something, though? [Read more...]