The problem with your law firm SEO expert

I’ve got some bad news about the law firm SEO expert that’s supposed to make your website show up high in search results for “Orlando personal injury attorney.”

Okay, maybe you live in another city, not Orlando. And maybe you’re trying to rank for a different practice area, like say “divorce lawyer.”

But the problem with your law firm SEO expert is the same.

First, he’s using tactics that will only work in the short-term. That is, until Google creates a new algorithm that detects those tactics, and then penalizes your site.

Meanwhile, in the supposedly happy short-term, potential clients are more easily finding your site. And you’re thinking well that’s a good thing, right?

No, it’s not. Because what happens when these potential clients wind up at your site? They searched for “Orlando personal injury lawyer” looking for a lawyer they will like and trust. But when they read the words the SEO expert told you to put on your site? They’ll be put off, and distrustful.

Why? Because the SEO expert convinced you to load your site with cheesy content that barely looks like it was written by a human being. So those potential clients? They’ll be gone in a click.

Let me show you what I mean with a real law firm blog post I found on the web:

2013_12_18 Screenshot-2

The article starts out with an interesting discussion of how some law firms churn personal injury cases. Potential clients will probably be curious about that. Good job.

Potential clients probably want to know how to identify lawyers who don’t really care about their clients before they hire one.

But, then comes the sentence: “Although I am a practicing Orlando personal injury lawyer, her findings surprised me.” Gong.

No human being would talk like that. Except maybe a lawyer who doesn’t know how to relate to people.

The sentence, however, is built on a classic SEO formula: work the key search phrase (i.e. “Orlando personal injury lawyer”) into an early part of the blog post, and make it a hyperlink. Then, rinse, lather and repeat. Even if it sounds awkward and impersonal (not to mention unprofessional)

Look, here’s the problem: your law firm SEO expert only knows how to help web searchers discover your site. And he only knows how to write words that appeal to web-indexing robots.

But you don’t want robots for clients. You want humans. Right?

So then do what this lawyer did.

(And if you made the mistake of using Findlaw to create your firm website read this)


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